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Utility Billing

Water meters are read on or about the 20th of each month.  Bills are mailed on the last working day of the month and are due between the 1st day and 10th day of each  month.  Payments made after the 10th day of the month will have a fifteen percent (15%) penalty added to the total amount due.

Payments dropped in the City Hall drop box before 8:00 AM on the 11th day of the month will be posted as paid on the 10th day of the month.

Service Initiation

A Certificate of Occupancy must be issued on all buildings/structures in all zoning districts inside Collinsville City Limits when a new occupancy occurs, or occupancy changes. This requirement also applies to new construction and/or remodeled building/structures. A Certificate of Occupancy must be obtained before the utilities are turned on and the building occupied.

Termination for Non-Payment

On the 16th day of the month, service will be terminated on all unpaid service bills unless an extension request has been made and granted from City Hall office personnel. Such requests must be made in person no later than 9:00 am on the 16th day of the month. A fee of Twenty-five Dollars ($25.00) will be billed to the account and the intension of payment past the service termination period will be until 8:00 am on the 22nd day of the month.

Nonpayment in full of all charges by 8:00 am on the 22nd day of the month will result in termination of service and thus reestablishment must then occur before water service is reactivated. The actual disconnection of service after termination will be conducted by authorized City personnel as soon as possible after the termination of service (City Ordinance 529)

Reestablishment fee, after termination will be $50 due at the time the delinquent bill is paid. Tampering with a meter or cutoff valve by anyone after the City of Collinsville has terminated and disconnected service for non-payment shall be charged with a misdemeanor subject to a fine of $25 to $200 and/or turning their water off and not reestablishing the said water service until the said party or parties have satisfied the City of Collinsville as to the damages incurred.

Requesting Service Termination

In order to stop service, a Service Termination request must be submitted. Upon termination of water, garbage and/or sewer service and payment of any final billings, the service deposit will be refunded to the applicant. At the applicant's request the final billing may be deducted from the service deposit with the balance refunded to the applicant.

Final billings remaining unpaid after thirty (30) days of issuance will automatically be deducted from the service deposit and the balance if any will be refunded to the applicant. Water meters are read on or about the 20th of each month. The bill is sent out on the last working day of each month. Your current bill may not be the final bill depending on the date of your actual water service termination.

Service Termination Form


You are responsible for all problems and leaks with water service on your side of the meter, and the City of Collinsville is responsible for all problems and leaks on the City side of the meter.

Meter Testing

When a customer requests that a meter be pulled and tested for accuracy, a $20.00 fee will be required at the time of the request. If the meter proves to be registering inaccurately, the fee is refunded and the meter is repaired or replaced. If the meter proves to be registering accurately, the fee is not refunded.

Trash Pickup 

Trash Service is mandatory to all City water service users.  Regular trash and bulk items are picked up each Wednesday at curb side. All regular garbage must be placed in the trash bin.

Recycled items are also picked up each Wednesday at curb-side and must be placed in the appropriate recycling bin.

Please see the Acceptable Recycle Items List.

For any questions regarding these services, please contact City Hall.

Customer Information Policy

In an effort to protect sensitive customer information from predatory practices, the legislature passed H.B. 872. H.B. 872 applies to information held by a municipally owned utility (MOU) that provides water, wastewater, sewer, gas, garbage, electricity, or drainage service.

Effective immediately, an MOU may not disclose customer information (including the customer’s address) under the Public Information Act (PIA) unless the customer elects to make the information public or certain exceptions apply. Also excluded from public disclosure is information: (1) that reveals whether an account is delinquent or eligible for disconnection; and (2) collected as part of an advanced metering system.

H.B. 872 essentially reverses the prior law’s requirements. Before H.B. 872, utility customers had to fill out a form to request their information remain confidential. Failure to do so made the customer’s information public. Now, a customer’s information is protected unless the customer opts to make it public.

MOU customers may elect to make their information public by filling out a form requesting disclosure of their personal information in response to PIA requests. To give customers this option, an MOU must include with a bill sent to each customer or post on its Internet website: (1) a notice of the customer’s right to request disclosure; and (2) a form the customer may use to request disclosure by marking the appropriate box and returning it by mail or electronically. The League’s legal department has prepared an example form for customers to request disclosure of their records (attached). This is just an example, and each city’s attorney should review the form prior to its use.

In sum, to comply with H.B. 872, an MOU must: (1) create the required form; (2) send the form with its bills or post it on the MOU’s website; and (3) maintain the confidentiality of its customers’ information in response to PIA requests, unless a customer has requested the MOU disclose the customer’s information or an exception applies.