Collinsville Municipal Court

Mission Statement

The Municipal Court and its staff are dedicated and committed to promoting the highest standards in customer service, upholding the integrity of the court, and serving the citizens of Collinsville in a courteous , efficient, and professional manner. The Municipal Court is dedicated to principles of fair and impartial justice while maintaining the public’s trust and confidence.

Plea Procedures

With a plea of No Contest or Guilty you will be waiving your right to a jury trial.

If you choose to enter a plea of Not Guilty, you must appear in person on your appearance date and time to enter your plea in open court. With a plea of Not Guilty, you may choose to waive your right to a Jury Trial and the court will proceed to a trial by  Judge.

With all Not guilty pleas, the case will first proceed to a Pre-trial. Your case will be assigned to a docket, and you will be notified of the date and time.


Juveniles (under the age of 17) are required to appear in front of the judge in open court with a parent or legal guardian. It is your responsibility to provide the court with a correct mailing address.

Failure to Appear

If you FAIL TO APPEAR in court for the prosecution of the offense or FAIL TO PAY or satisfy a judgment ordering the payment of a fine and cost in the manner ordered by the court, a warrant may be issued for your arrest and possible denied renewal of your driver’s license. This court participates in the Omnibase Program.

Fines and Court Costs

Fines including court costs can be found here. For charges not listed, please contact the court at 903-429-6225.

Options to Dispose of Citations

  • Mail your payment to Collinsville Municipal Court, PO Box 649, Collinsville, TX 76233

  • Pay Your Ticket Online

ATTENTION: If you are choosing one of the online options below, DO NOT MAKE A PAYMENT until you receive a response email from the court.