City of Collinsville, Texas

Collinsville Police Department

Collinsville Police Department
101 N Main Street,
Collinsville Texas 76233

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM

Police Chief:

Jeff Ashabranner

Evening Officer     903-870-6460
Night Officer    903-870-6461

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Emergencies - Day or Night - Dial 911

Non-Emergencies - Day or Night

To have an officer dispatched for a non-emergency situation, call the Sherriff's Office Dispatch at:

(903) 813-4411

Help Keep Collinsville Safe

The Collinsville Police Department is seeking donations for the funding of a K9 program. The donations would be allocated for the purchase and training of a single purpose Narcotics canine, officer handler training, and the outfitting of a current patrol unit.

Small towns such as Collinsville just can’t afford to purchase a drug dog. With the purchase, training, and equipment needed, we are looking at a cost of $15,000 to $20,000. It’s a known fact that most of criminal activity involves narcotics in some form or fashion. Collinsville residents are very fortunate to live in a community with an extremely low crime rate. This isn’t by luck; this is the result of officers being diligent in their pursuit of eradicating narcotics from the community.

Narcotic arrest makes up over 90% of all arrest made in Collinsville with the number one drug being Methamphetamine. Having the use of a K9 will greatly enhance the department’s ability to combat a growing problem. US Route 377 is a 478-mile drug trafficking corridor from Mexico into Oklahoma. A K9 will not only assist our agency with narcotic trafficking but could also help with human trafficking which can go hand in hand with narcotics.

The department will also utilize the K9 to assist surrounding law enforcement agencies upon request. We would also like to offer our assistance to the Collinsville ISD to help with in keeping narcotics out of our schools and our children safe.

How Can I Help?

Cash Donations

Donations can be tax deductible and a receipt can be provided upon request. Donations can be made at the Collinsville City Hall, or mail to Collinsville P.D., P.O. Box 649, Collinsville, Texas 76233. All donations will be greatly appreciated and will go towards our goal of making the community as safe as possible for all residents.

Sex Offender Information

There are currently ten registered sex offenders in the city of Collinsville.

Blackburnroberson, Crystal
425 Emily Ct

Burchard, Dexter DeWayne
729 S Broadway

Carden, Daniel Waring
726 S Broadway

Davis, Darrell Dean
501 N Main St

Goss, Mark Alan
541 N Main St

Hale, Archie B
501 Elder Street

Hammer, Joshua
425 Emily Ct

Hassenplug, Richard
501 N Main St

Hull, Chancey
314 N Main

Weber, Wilmer
501 N Main St

Additional information on sex offenders can be found on the at the following sites:

State of Texas
Grayson County